Sunday, November 26, 2006

Emma's Snowman

We finally got a good enough snowfall that we were able to make a snowman. Jessi and Emma went shopping with Ntalie and Lorie. While they were gone I made a big snowman... roughly 7 feet tall! I was pretty excited for Emma to return to see this giant in her front yard. Unfortunately, Emma was asleep when they drove up so I had to wait for her to get up from her late nap. She finally awoke at about 8:00pm. We went out to chek out this cool creation (nice pun). It did not take long before we decided to bombard it with snowballs and Karate chops. It's head was the first to go. Emma got one heck of a belly laugh from that. It was exciting for her to see this huge snowball fal from 5 feet up and crash onto the ground. It was pretty much all over from that point. Jessi decided to go and get he camera and was able to salvage some shots before the snowman was completely demolished.

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After we destroyed the big one, I created a smaller one that Emma pushed over and jumped on. now I'm not too sure if this is the message we should be sending her as she goes off to school, but it sure was fun. I would imagine that in a year or two we will get a phone call from school saying that Emma ruined someone's snowman at school by jumping on it's head. It's a little different picture han the Hallmark image that we all want to have as the dad lifts the child up to the snowman's head and then the child places the hat on it or the carrot nose. Instead, I lifted Emma up high enough to get the head so she could kick it off. I think my activity brought a bigger smile to her face... and mine.

Of course with all of this vandalism going on, it turned into a snowball fight. I have to say that Emma started it. It almost ended as soon as it started when Emma got a bit of snow in her eye. But she quickly rallied by throwing a couple snowballs at me. She was pretty relentless. I was even hitting her with some and she just got more to throw at me. We then decided to make a prince and a princess print in the snow... Emma's idea. It was a little heavy to be doing angels, and perfect for making prints. Emma made a few an so did I.

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Our hands were getting a little cold, so we decided to head in. Not to mention that it was 9:00pm and Emma was screaming and laughing and I started to wonder what our neighbors would be thinking. As we headed in, Emma wanted to take in a little snowman that she could put by her bed. I was able to convince her that the sink may be a better home. So there it melted.

I'm sure I did some lifelong damage to her by robing her of her Hallmark moment. But I guarantee yu that we had a lot more fun.

Monday, November 06, 2006

What doesn't look right in this picture?

This is Jessi posting for "gimpy" who has his foot elevated after spraining his ankle on a run this evening. We just got back from Urgent Care and got the good news that nothing is broken, but that the sprain is pretty bad. No running for 2-3 weeks, but he can swim and bike as long as it doesn't hurt. He has to stay off it completely for a few days though. Rog actually rolled his ankle twice on this run, and the second time it nearly brought him to his knees. But being the brilliant man he is, decided not to go to one of our friends' houses just a block or two away, but jogged another mile home. Grrrr! Anyway, the swelling is even improved since earlier tonight (these pics are probably 50% better than earlier tonight) and Rog doesn't look quite as nervous as he did when it was really starting to swell. He'll be on the mend in no time and is grateful that it happened now and not a few weeks earlier.

Someone wanted a picture of her feet to be included too... she was really sweet to her Daddy and kept telling him how brave he was at the doctor's. I could tell though that she was pretty nervous to see her Daddy hurting. Emma loves her Daddy SO MUCH! Posted by Picasa