Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What's new?

Hmmm...I feel so lame since I have not posted anything in a bit, so I thought I would throw down some words as to change the scenery a bit.

Some big accomplishments lately...Emma dropped 5 seconds in her 25 freestyle. That's huge. I am still trying to accomplish that same feat. Try it some time. Take your best 25, and knock off 4 seconds. Good luck with that.

Training world is pretty stagnant. I am hoping to start a little later with some intensity in hopes to still feel fresh later into the season. I can say, without a doubt, that as of today, I have only ridden the trainer 1 time. Yup, only once. Pretty excited about that. Not too sure how that will play out when it comes time to actually start riding the bike.

Speaking of "bike," I will officially be on a Orbea this season. I don't know, an awful lot of vowels. Orbea is a fine company and I am looking forward to getting a new bike all dialed in. I know I was a little nervous last time, and it all seemed to work out very well.

I have not been bitten by the 2010 triathlon bug yet. Not too sure what distance I am going to race yet. I know it will come. Until then I will eat Peanut Buster Parfaits from Dairy Queen...love those.

If you have not been in to Fitness Fanatics lately, go take a peek at the great deals they have right now and the beautiful new 2010 inventory arriving. Wow!

Enjoy your training,
sorry, no pics for this one