Monday, November 15, 2010

New PowerBar Perform Sports Drink

This is what will be used at Ironman Events

Recently I had the opportunity to use the new PowerBar drink in training. Originally I only had it in the premixed bottles which sure was nice...but took up some space. But it does come in a powder form which is a bit easier for when you have time to mix it up.

Probably the most important thing for me in a sports drink is if I will drink it. There are many out there that are simply too sweet for me and it ends up sitting in my bottles for me to dump out at the end of a ride. So that is the first marker. Because if a drink it 'perfect' in every way, but does not taste good, you don't tend to drink it. I like the flavor of the new PowerBar drink and its mild sweetness.

The next step is looking at the electrolyte make up and the rest of the nutritional information. For those of you that NEED to know EXACTLY what is in it, here you go.