Monday, July 17, 2006

IM Cda and beyond...

IM Cda...
IM Cda is over and in the history books. It was a good race for me overall. I don't think it ever goes 'perfect.' There is so much to do right and pay attention to that you always mess something up. Regardless, I was able to walk away with a Kona slot. That was the objective so I guess I was successful.

Many have been asking if I will still do IM Canada. Yes is the answer. These races are so great (and expensive) it's hard not to do them when you have the opportunity. I don't see Kona as being a race that I plan on getting a PR at, but it's one that I think everyone needs to do first before they have some crazy ambitions of winning it the first time. The wind, heat, and humidity is something that you can not replicate. Especially here in Spokane in mid October. So I do not see IM Canada having any huge negative effects on my race in Kona. Canada will give me more knowledge about my body and race strategy.

My training the last 3 weeks have been sub par. We spent a week up at the lake over the 4th, and then went down to Tahoe for a family reunion. Since I have been back, I have been getting the bak yard into shape since I think it was being overtaken by weeds. Some were getting pretty tall and I was not sure if I was supposed pull it or use the chainsaw. That took a few days, but it looks pretty good now. I think I have been able to get in 2 swims, 2 runs, and 2 bikes since IM Cda. So it's been a nice break, but I have some work to do now to get ready for IM Canada.

I am racing lake Stevens 70.3 this weekend. That should be a good 'wake up' as to where I am, and where I am not. You can't really fake that distance. But I think I have a good race plan and relly need to stick to it since my fitness may be lacking a bit. It should be fun since we have friends going over to race there too. It will be their first 1/2 IM which will be a good experience.

After the race, we will be going to the Ocean to visit my folks who will be camping there for a week. I think we will be there for about 3-4 days. Hopefully my training will not suffer. We always have a great time there and we are looking forward to this year as well.