Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Haley Cooper interview part 2...still awesome

This is the 2nd part of the interview with Haley. You can find out more about Haley and her quests in life on her blog at haleycooper.blogspot.com.

Thanks again to Dave Erickson (daveerickson360.com) and his video mastery and editing skills.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Timex Triathlete Tim Hola before IM World Championships

I was able to sit down with Tim Hola a couple days before the big race. Tim is one phenomenal guy that I have admired since 2004. I pretty much "result stalked" him for years. Then, in 2007, I ran into him in the post race tent after Oceanside. We were both grabbing some pizza or something and I introduced myself. We chatted for a bit. But the one thing that I remember the most about that conversation was when I asked Tim if he would be in Kona that year, and he said, "I don't know, I have not got a slot yet." And in my mind I was thinking, 'What? Tim Hola not racing Kona? Are you kidding? That's like a fish without water... or Christmas without Santa.' It just goes to show you how humble this guy is considering this year marked his 11th straight Kona appearance. Not only is he an amazing athlete, but a father of twin boys, has a full time job, and has a beautiful wife. This nice guy finishes first...a lot.

Enough said. I will let the interviews do the rest of the talking.

Thanks again to Dave Erickson (www.daveerickson360.com) for doing the video coverage as well as the editing.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Timex Multisport Athlete Cindi Bannink before IM World Championships

Cindi is one heck of a short course athlete and 1/2 IM athlete. She qualified this year at a 70.3 and decided to take a bit at the apple. I was able to grab her right after she checked her bike into transition the day before the race. This interview shows not only her nerves, but also her respect for the race.

Thanks to Dave Erickson (www.daveerickson360.com) for filming and the editing. We talked a long time in this interview which means more work for Dave.

Haley Cooper is pretty dang awesome...part 1

There are many traits that I admire about Haley. Some of them include that she is such a humble person and has a very casual sense about herself. Though she is a phenomenal competitor, you would think that she just shows up to events giving them no thought in advance. That may be the case from time to time, I know she trains her ass off and is physically and mentally committed to her training and racing. I love how she can just jump into a pro race and keep it in perspective. She has a huge target on her back, and it looks really good on her. She is definitely a woman that I enjoy to see do well. So when she agreed to do an interview, I was pretty excited. Not only did she agree, she did it the day before her big race...Ironman World Championships.

Big thank you to Dave Erickson (www.daveerickson360.com) for doing the filming and editing. He's pretty good at this stuff :)

Interview in Kona with K-Swiss stud Ben Harper

I was able to snag some of Ben's time the day before the big race on October 10th to find out what is going on with the company.

Dave Erickson (www.daveerickson360.com) did the filming and editing...thank goodness. Check it out.

Interview with Mike Lavery on the new Trek Time Trial bike…WOW!

Mike Lavery, of the TIMEX Multisport Team, was so gracious to meet with me and talk about this elusive bike that first debuted in the Tour. Though still a prototype, it what is to come.

Thanks to Dave Erickson (www.daveerickson360.com) for the editing and great media work.