Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Titanium Man

When someone asks me about this race, the first thing I say is, "It is only $35, it's chip timed, and us USAT sanctioned."  Really, what else do you need to say?

This would be my second time racing here...last year was the first when I won it in a time of 1:53.  With all that had been going on this year, I was a little suspicious if I would be able to get anywhere near that time.

Par for the course, I got into the water about 3 minutes before the race start. It is a current aided swim which means that for a warm up, you can swim against the current.

The horn sounded and we were off.  I did not feel like I took advantage of the current as much as I could have, but I was out of the water and onto the bike.  This course is a pretty tough course.  Nothing crazy, but it isn't flat and there are quite a few technical areas.  I was off on the bike and passed a few people in the first mile.  Mostly teams and better swimmers.  I saw a few bikes up the road that I was SLOWLY pulling back.  I was hoping they were teams...just like last year.  I felt like I was moving well and hit the turn a little off the lead two guys, who were teams, who seemed to be riding awfully close to one another.  Oh well, keep going.

I came into T2 and was out of there quickly.  I tried to settle into a solid run and keep a quick turnover and good form.  There were 2 people up ahead.  I hit the turn and took a split.  I caught one of the teams and wanted to run with them for a bit, but they slowed down too much.  So I pressed on.  I saw the second individual and knew I had a good lead on him.  But you always need to run an honest run.  That way you know what you can do.

I neared the finish and made the gradual uphill to the finish.  I saw the clock (with my feeble eyesight) and saw that clock change from 1:49 to 1:50.  Ah, man.  I was so close to going under 1:50!  That's crazy!  All in all my bike and run went well.  My swim is coming along, but does not seem to be killing my race.

Here is a link to a newpaper article in the local paper:  HERE

Thanks to Natalie (pictures are all from her), Greg, and Dave for coming along and making it another memorable day.

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