Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Priest Lake Triathlon

This is a must do race that takes place in northern Idaho on a phenomenal lake.  The directors do an amazing job improving it each year and taking feedback to heart.

This year Jessi and I decided to drive up there the day of the race...about 1:30 drive.  After the race, we planned on heading up to Canada to watch the last IM Canada in Penticton and cheer on many friends racing.  It was to be a VERY busy weekend.

On the drive up to Priest Lake, the temps were a tad on the chilly side...like 31 degrees.  But once the sun came out, it warmed up quickly.  Since Jessi was not racing, she kindly set up my transition.  Something that it seems to take me a long time to do.  I tend to 'chat' more than I get ready.

The water temp was beautiful and the water crystal clear.  The swim start was fast, but I soon found myself leading my wave.  I knew that I had a couple near, but they were not interested in taking the lead...which I am fine with.  After exciting the swim, it is a bit of an uphill run to T1.  My B70 Helix came off quickly and I was already grabbing my Rudy Project helmet and glasses.  Jessi had put toe covers on my shoes since it was so cold, which I appreciated.  I took off quickly and tried to settle into a sold pace.  But, for some reason, things didn't feel right.  I was working hard, but I felt 'off.'  I had a hard time getting in nutrition.  But I pressed on.  I later realized that the bike was a couple miles short I suspect.  But that was okay.

The run is out a dirt road that wonders up hill, rolling most of it.  I hit the turn and was headed for the finish.  I took a split and knew I had a decent lead.  I pushed all the way to the finish and felt I ran well.


It was a great race and it was also great to see Brian Hadley out there racing again too.  Congrats to 3rd overall male, Nate Birdsall as well.  We got some fast fellas up here in the PNW.

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