Saturday, February 23, 2013


Often when you ride by yourself you know where the tough routes are and ways around them. There are those few occasions that you seek out those tough routes early on just to stretch your legs, and lungs, out. White Rd. is one if those roads. At 1 mile in length and 15% grade, it isn't a hill I will seek out too often. I just happen to be in the neighborhood.


Linda Seppa Salisbury said...

Hi Rog,
We are following you online as you do Ironman Canada. Congrats on a great swim- 57 minutes. Hope the bike is going well.

We are ALL rooting for you and hope you have a great race. More than anything, we are all so proud of you for the great husband and Daddy you are...athlete too, for sure.

Keeping you in our prayers!
Go Rog Go!!!
Nana and Boppa

Linda Seppa Salisbury said...

9:51:40 Great Ironman race! We are so proud of you!
Linda and Bert

Linda Seppa Salisbury said...

Rog- Congrats on a GREAT race at Kona World Championships! WOW! Under 10 hrs. We tracked you all day long and kept you in our prayers!

We are inspired by the kind of husband, Dad, teacher, friend and athlete you are!

Nana and Boppa

Linda Seppa Salisbury said...

Dear Rog,
WOW! Yesterday (July 27th) we followed you all day as you competed in Ironman Canada. We were so excited to see how you were dong at each part of the race. You had a fantastic swim, amazing bike and incredible run. I was also tracking Matt Lieto
(one of the race favorites) to compare your time
with his. When your swim was faster than Matt's I knew you were in for a great race!

And you came out 15th overall! YIKES!!! We are so proud of you, how you did it, and that you did it while role-modeling great family priorities. Training was important, but not more important than quality time with your family!

We left you a message on Jessi's phone. Congrats!
Well done! WAY TO GO, ROG!!

Love Linda and Bert

Linda Seppa Salisbury said...

PS- Oops-I meant to say that ypur swim was faster than Ryan Linden's.